Peeta is actually a well-known interpretation of blog post-hijack, post-war Peeta in several “post-MJ” fanfics

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I do believe this can be a bit probable, actually, offered how Mellarks’ oldest child is simply too old into the enjoying, and hence at least 3 years avove the age of Peeta, no matter if each other categories of parents (the brand new Everdeens and also the Mellarks) appear to be inside the same age. But regardless of if he had been exhausted into relationships because of pregnancy, that’s from the kind of set-up marriage where he don’t actually get a hold of their own till the day’s the marriage.

If the he had been therefore worried about team professionals just who he would prior to dismissed while the simply “guards”, why should he exposure living of someone the guy in reality wants?

6. Fanon: When Peeta keeps a flashback, he experiences everything he performed while in the his initial episode of tracker jacker venom induced psychosis…plus his homicidal viewpoint and you will choices towards Katniss.

JekyllandHyde! But no matter if absolutely nothing inside the cannon particularly laws Away that it possibility, I do believe that Peeta’s data recovery by the point the guy productivity so you’re able to D12 is meant to be more complex than simply it. Remember that he says to Katniss one Dr. Aurelius did not let your come back earlier. Today, Dr. A’s integrity because a doctor will be slightly shady, however, Sc will not depict him given that a total quack, either. I believe she meant for the person to find out that Pogledajte ovu stranicu Peeta got announced of the a powerful mental health elite group, to not end up being a danger so you can people. Sc, because of Katniss, describes “moments” as he clutches the rear of a seat till the flashbacks violation. Moments. In my opinion, this means that such flashbacks history a few minutes at most. Not period, or even weeks, ways certain fanfics get it.

Besides, carry out Peeta genuinely have returned to Katniss’s top, along with her bed, if the he’d any second thoughts on the in the event it try safe for their particular to-be as much as him? If he was most which have flashbacks conducive him to try to help you choke Katniss again every week, such certain fanfics have it, manage he really make it themselves to get anywhere close to their unique, though Katniss does their best Bella Swan impact and you may proclaims you to definitely she loves him sufficient to undertake the chance which he you may kill their unique? I simply you should never select it because in keeping with Peeta’s character. Peeta, just who cried once unwittingly eliminating Mitchell, just acquaintance, and you can requested are slain because the he feared “It’s just a matter of time in advance of I kill anyone else”.

This is actually speculation, naturally. But I believe it is essential to identify anywhere between speculation and you will facts. (Though, however, a ol’ Sc left a good amount of ambiguity on the what’s Genuine or perhaps not Real, in any event.) And, I’d like to tune in to away from you! What exactly are other “fanon” theories you can consider which can be extensively believed, however, are not extremely backed by canon?

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Thanks a lot, thanks for addressing the fresh fanfic understanding one to Peeta was not safe for Katniss/his moments away from flashbacks post MJ. I think you have given a quite strong conflict you to definitely to stay when you look at the profile, Peeta wouldn’t came back into Section a dozen if the the guy imagine he was nonetheless a threat. I confess, I have never heard of each one of these fanfic impression. But not, I do believe the one on the “every” victor is contacted to sell their body is common. We accept you that proven fact that Finnick offers it as volatile miracle setting it w asn’t happening with every Winner. This new Online game was indeed designed to serve as a reminder, however, in order to prostitute the fresh new Districts Victors strips all of them from “honor” and you can exposes the fresh new ebony underbelly of your Capitol. Exactly what do your say to the fresh fanfics whom need “more” out of Effie and Haymitch (since the two)?