Virtual data rooms are a safe platform for sharing documents during due diligence or other M&A processes. These data rooms permit users to control access, track activity, and provide feedback on documents that have a high degree of transparency. This makes them an ideal solution for M&As and capital raises.

The top VDRs feature features such as built-in watermarking with dynamic and redaction. They also provide thorough reports on the use of documents and specific permission settings. This helps you minimize human error which is responsible for 95% of data breaches, according to a study conducted by IBM. You can also set limits on the time for users to view or print documents, and restrict access to documents based on geographic location.

M&As and contract negotiations often involve parties from different regions or continents. The most reliable VDR service providers allow seamless global collaboration with features such as dedicated forums for discussing sensitive intellectual property issues as well as clinical trial results, encryption of communications and centralized document management. A reputable VDR provider will also offer an efficient, scalable and redundant infrastructure with industry-grade data centers and business continuity plans. It will also test its infrastructure and security procedures regularly to ensure the reliability. Choose a partner that provides multilingual support via phone, email and chat-in-app, a help center that includes videos, and dedicated teams and managers.